Guardhouse™ Coin Tubes

$2.75 (inc GST)

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“Square” Coin Tubes 22mm and 33mm

$2.75 each or $2.00 each if buy 10 or more


  • $2 Coins and Rolls and
  • 50¢ Coins
  • Plan to have $1 holders soon…
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Guardhouse plastic coin tubes feature a unique, innovative, patent pending design that makes it visually distinct from any other coin storage tube on the market. In addition, we have incorporated functional features into the tube based on over a decade of customer suggestions and input. No other coin tube includes all these features in one complete product:

Stackable: Thanks to stacking ridges, the tubes conveniently stack vertically.

Translucent: See, count and verify contents of the tube by looking through it, rather than opening it.

Snap-Tight Lid: You will not need to use tape to keep this tube closed. Precision engineering and buttressed closure ensures a snap-in-place, air-tight seal. Tubes open with remarkable ease with a simple twist and pull motion. Watch a youtube video on using the snap-tight lid.

Finger Notches: Finger notches built as recesses within the lid function as grips allowing a single tube to be selected and removed from a group or tightly packed box of tubes,

Stiff Upper Lip: The firm lip on the base of the tube will not collapse when applying the lid, making it simple to close every time.

Smooth Edges: Devoid of any sharp corners, the Guardhouse tubes are designed to fit comfortably in your hand.

(Details from Guardhouse USA)

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22mm-$2 Coins, 33mm-50¢ Coins


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