Tweezers for Stamp Collecting

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All tweezers we sell are made of nickel and are supplied in a clear plastic sleeve.  The tips of these tweezers are thin and flat so they can slide lightly underneath the stamps’ surface.

Tweezers are available in various “tip” formats:

  • Spade end, either straight or angled.
  • Pointed end – straight
  • Rounded/spoon end, either small or large

There are two lengths, 15cm or 12cm and the most popular style (#54) is available in an additional three colours.

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The type of tweezer you use is one of personal preference.

The basic types of stamp tweezers are:

Spade tip stamp tweezers – have a flat and blunt end for a firmer grip on a stamp without damaging its surface and its perforations. Available with an angled end as well as straight.

Rounded/Spoon end stamp tweezers – have a rounded end that easily slides under a stamp.  Available with an angled end as well as straight.

Pointed end stamp tweezers – have a tapered and sharp point to efficiently pick up individual stamps. These pointed stamp tweezers should be used with extra care because they may puncture a delicate postage stamp.

Why use a pair of stamp tweezers?

Every stamp collecting book will teach you that investing in a good pair of stamp tweezers is practical to avoid damage to your collection through unwanted folds, accidental tears, and fingerprints on your postage stamps.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 1.5 × 12 × 1 cm
Tweezer Type

SAFE 798 Fine Round – angled 12 cm, SAFE 799 Round – angled 12 cm, SAFE 1858 Spade – angled end 15cm, SAFE 1855 Spade – straight end 15cm, SAFE 1818 – 12cm Bent Spade Gold, DAVO #70 pointed end – straight 15cm, DAVO #57 Small spoon – straight 12cm, DAVO #60 pointed end – straight 12cm, DAVO #53 Spade – straight 12cm, DAVO #58 Large spoon – straight 12cm, DAVO #54 Spade – angled end 12cm – nickel, DAVO #54 Spade – angled end 12cm – Black, DAVO #54 Spade – angled end 12cm – Red, DAVO #54 Spade – angled end 12cm – Blue


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