Yvert & Tellier (Y&T) 2024 Stamps of France

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“The” France Stamp Catalogue!  128th edition! 2024

YVERT & TELLIER catalogue: the world reference for collectors. Evaluate your collection using the Y&T rating used by experts around the world in estimating the largest stamp collections.

Colour version. Format: 21×27 cm – 912 pages – Hardcover As a gift with this edition: the leaflet signed Line Filhon.

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Translated by Google Translate from the Y&T Web Page

Nearly 1000 pages dedicated to French Philately.
– A refined and updated Glossary.
– A completely revised presentation of Postal Entries.
– The chapter on Monographs of commonly used stamps is back.
– Many extensive sections (Liberation Stamps, Dated Coins, Notebooks and Luxury Books).

With its 128th edition, the new Stamps of France catalog confirms the trend towards specialization initiated by its predecessors more than ten years ago.

This flagship catalog from Éditions Yvert & Tellier continues to impress with its seriousness and attention to detail, reaching its peak when exploring its pages.

It all starts with a constantly updated glossary, which will greatly facilitate your searches thanks to the introduction of new terms. Then, the catalog presents the sections devoted to Classic and Semi-Modern Stamps, with largely updated ratings.

This richness is not limited to a few categories, as evidenced by the extension of regional issues after a notable study on the Liberation Stamps the previous year. The chapter on luxury notebooks and books has also been comprehensively completed.

Particular attention was paid to the Postal Stationery, which, although introduced in 1878, occupied barely a few pages in previous editions. From now on, they are the subject of a complete overhaul, with a systematic reference of each broadcast from its origins to the present day, accompanied by new ratings and visuals. However, this abundance of detail in no way alters the clarity of the catalog. The new Timbres de France remains faithful to its didactic approach.

This is reflected in the redesign of the Dated Corners, which, formerly presented in the form of columns, are now presented in more airy and easy-to-access tables. Finally, it should be noted the return of the Monographs, absent from the previous edition, aiming to exhaustively present all the French stamps in current use, from the White type to the numerous variants of the Marianne d’Yz.

Focus on “Postal Stationery”
By definition, a postal stationery is a medium on which a postage stamp or fiduciary value is printed. The practice began in 1818 with letter cards issued by the Kingdom of Sardinia. In 1840, the first prepaid and illustrated envelope appeared in Great Britain. A popular and protean correspondence tool ranging from postcards to newspaper strips, it circulated in France from 1878, two years after the adoption of the Type Sage.

As a gift: the sheet signed Line Filhon.
Passionate about manual activities since childhood, she began intaglio engraving at the École Estienne. As an independent engraving artist, she collaborates with Philaposte and other postal administrations to design more than 60 postage stamps. His work has been rewarded with three “Grands Prix de l’Art Philatelique” and three “Tempre Trophies”. She created the 2024 “snowflake and sun linked” souvenir sheet with YVERT & TELLIER, illustrating the union of crystalline winter and summer radiance.

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