LINDNER Crystal, Omnia, Stocksheet and Uniplate Pages

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Details of sizing and specifications below.

  • CRYSTAL Pages (18 Hole-Lindner Style)
  • OMNIA Black Stockbook Pages (18 Hole-Lindner Style)
  • OMNIA White Stockbook Pages (18 Hole-Lindner Style)
  • UNIPLATE Pages (Universal 9 Hole pages – fit 3 and 4 ring binders)
  • CRYSTAL Pages (18 Hole-Lindner Style)
    • Clear pocket pages with White interleaving (I stock White – please email for Black interleaving)
    • External measurements: 272 x 296 mm.
    • Very suitable for banknotes.
  • OMNIA Black Stockbook Pages (18 Hole-Lindner Style)
    • OMNIA” with crystal clear strips double sided enables collector maximal storage space.
    • Available in Black or White Background (I stock Black – please email for White)
    • External measurements: 272 x 296 mm
    • Made of hard-PVC film which is acid and chemical softener free, welded and available in black and white and will fit LINDNER ring binder with 18-ring mechanism (1122 and 1124) as well as the ring-binder UNIVERSAL SRS and the slipcase ring binder ECO 1100.
  • OMNIA White Stockbook Pages (18 Hole-Lindner Style)
    • The Omnia stock sheets with crystal-clear insert strips on both sides
    • The maximum insertion width of the Omnia leaves is 245 mm.
    • Omnia stock sheets (format 272 x 296 mm) are welded from plasticizer-free and acid-free rigid PVC film
    • Fit all LINDNER 18-ring mechanism (1104, 1102 Y, 1120, 1121) as well as the UNIVERSAL SRS ring binder and the ECO 1100 cassette binder.
  • UNIPLATE Pages (Universal 9 Hole pages – fit 3 and 4 ring binders)
    • Multiple page variations with different pocket-partitioning offers a vast storage solution
    • Complete collections and single pieces, booklets, postcards, as well as sheetlets and doublets find the right place
    • In Black or Clear  (I stock mainly Black Pages – please email for Clear that are not in stock)

Pages usually Stocked include these sizes, P indicates Pack of 10
Crystal (18 hole) 820P, 821P, 822P, 824P, 830P, 831P, 832P, 833P
OMNIA  (18 hole) BLACK 01P, 02P, 03P, 040P, 05P, 06P, 07P, 08P, 081P
OMNIA  (18 hole) WHITE Stocksheets 09P, 010P, 011P, 012P 013P, 014P and o15P
UNIPLATE (9 hole – will fit 3 or 4 ring Binder) Black 063P 065P, 071P, 072P, 073P, 074P, 075P, 076P  Clear 083P, 085P, 092P, 093P, 094P

BLANK PAGES (18 hole) 802O, 802DO  & 804O

LINDNER sized Exhibition Pages (18 hole)  880P (Sleeves)

If you need individual, or any other sized, pages please email me

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Crystal 820P, Crystal 821P, Crystal 822P, Crystal 824P, Crystal 830P, Crystal 831P, Crystal 832P, Crystal 833P, Omnia 01P, Omnia 02P, Omnia 03P, Omnia 04P, Omnia 040P, Omnia 05P, Omnia 06P, Omnia 07P, Omnia 08P, Omnia 081P, Uniplate 063P, Uniplate 065P, Uniplate 071P, Uniplate 072P, Uniplate 073P, Uniplate 074P, Uniplate 075P, Uniplate 076P, Uniplate 079P, Uniplate 083P, Uniplate 085P, Uniplate 091P, Uniplate 092P, Uniplate 093P, Uniplate 094P, Blank Pages 802O, Blank black Pages 802DO, Blank A4 Pages 804O, Exhibition Pages 880P, 09P, 010P, 011P, 012P, 013P, 014P, 015P


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